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Do you attack every challenge with the same commitment, passion and desire to succeed every time?

If I was a gambling man…

My money would be on no. (If yes, please come work with me.)

The amount of effort we apply can be influenced by a number of factors but the one I’d like to focus on here is…


the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility.

So what’s the importance of accountability in the context of weight loss?

A theoretical question for you to consider…

Would your decision to blast an entire bar of delicious Dairy Milk chocolate (easily done) be affected by the thought that someone might doubt your desire to achieve your goal as a result?

That someone could be a coach, mentor, doctor, friend, family member…

If you answer maybe, or yes…

You’ve just experienced the effect of accountability.

Speaking from experience, being held accountable had a profound effect on my commitment and drive to achieve.

It was these experiences that led to my research on how I could make this an essential component in helping you achieve your goals.

Let me tell you about a small town called Trevose, in Pennsylvania.

Trevose Behaviour Modification Program

The theory of extreme accountability I have included as part of Easy is supported by the success of the Trevose Behaviour Modification Program (TBMP).

The program is named after the town where the concept originates.

As mentioned, it’s one of the most successful programs for weight loss documented in the medical literature.

“After two years on Weight Watchers, the average weight loss is about six pounds. After two years in the Trevose Program, the average weight loss is thirty-nine pounds.”

The numbers are impressive!

Here’s how they do it…

Tough Love

The program’s structure provides similar advice and support that all weight loss programs offer but here’s what sets it apart…

TBMP has very strict rules for participants and they take no prisoners if you fail to comply!

You get once chance.

Miss a weigh-in, fail to attend or show progress…

You’re terminated from the program.

Your access to mentorship, education and community are revoked.

It may seem harsh but it’s this approach that makes it so successful (and I love it).

TMBP > Easy

I can’t help but be drawn into utilising some of these methods to reach people who truly want to better themselves with some support.

The application of these rules provokes a responsibility in participants to comply and only those that truly desire change for the better will meet the standards over the duration of the program.

It’s would be these people I want to prioritise my time with.

I hope you feel this could be you?

Send a quick email/contact form and I’ll get in touch.

To your health & success.